Banquet CAD Service

About this service

Prior to 1985, computer aided design wasn’t a ‘thing’ as personal computers didn’t exist, or
at least at an affordable cost.

Banquet Plans and Lighting Designs for events were done
manually on drawing boards, using AO paper, set squares, compasses, pencils and rubbers, and usually incorporated multiple redraws as guest numbers or design requirements changed.

At that stage, IBM dominated the mainframe and personal computer supply with the Apple II being seen as a toy or for hobbyists. Then along came the era of IBM PC clones with the MS-DOS operating system, and a little later Microsoft launched Windows for the masses.


Examples of CAD work

Banquet CAD example 3

Seated Dinner

Banquet CAD example 2

Gold Coast Event

Banquet CAD example 1

Marquee Tennis Court

With the AutoCAD drafting software being released in this new format, Banquet CAD was finally born.

From event designs in all the 5* Hotels around Perth, to drafting designs for events around the world, Banquet CAD plans became a common sight throughout the event industry.

Even today, 34 years later, Banquet CAD is still being used for small to large scale events, providing detailed logistical support for local and international productions.

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