About Pro Design Lighting

About ProDesign

We are a boutique lighting design and installation consultancy dedicated to transforming spaces and elevating events through illumination and special effects.

Our reputation for innovation, technical knowledge and client satisfaction is the result of decades of experience working on performance venues, events, and architectural spaces around the world.


Today we focus on three specialist consulting areas:

Co-ordinating all design, technical and logistical aspects for small and large events
Bringing performance, gallery and event spaces to life through lighting and special effects
Enhancing the architectural and landscaping features of commercial buildings including hotels and resorts through lighting design and energy saving applications

For further details on projects Pro Design has undertaken

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ProDesign has created lighting design and energy management solutions for some of the world’s most exciting and spectacular venues including:

Burswood Entertainment Complex, Perth, Australia

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Perth, Australia

St George’s Hotel, London

St Moritz Hotel, New York

Hotel InterContinental, Singapore

Government House, Perth, Australia

Hyatt Regency, Saipan

Grant Hyatt, Bali

Kona-Kai, San Diego

Projects Pro Design Lighting has done

One of my first jobs was working for a leading Australian theatrical lighting company and from the moment I saw the transformative power of illumination I was intrigued. 

I honed my lighting design and installation skills working on some of the countries biggest and most spectacular events and in venues ranging from vast outdoor stadiums to beautiful, historic theatres.

From the pomp and grandeur of a military tattoo to the show-stopping glamour of an international fashion show, I discovered creative lighting was the crucial element that took performances and experiences to a whole new level.

Over the following years I forged a career as lighting specialist, applying my knowledge of the science of lighting and its visual applications to festivals, concerts, gala balls, private events and conventions.

I also transformed luxury hotels, prestige homes and iconic commercial buildings with architectural and energy-saving lighting representing the latest in style and technology.

Today, after over four decades of illuminating spaces and places around the world, I’m still as passionate as ever about lighting and special effects that turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

We are now intentionally a boutique consultancy to ensure we can give personalised service to the clients we partner with.

But while technology, trends and design inspiration have all evolved over time, the quality, professionalism and attention to detail that have always been part of the ProDesign DNA remain.

Kevin Harris

Director ProDesign