Lee 100 System

A green tree in a green field with a clear sky

Lee Photographic Filters

The Lee Photographic Filter range includes colour effect, graduated, striped and special effect filters, available either in economically packaged boxed sets or as single items. Standard sizes are 100mm x 150mm or 100mm x 100mm.  These are compatible with the relevant Lee100 & 150 systems.

LEE100 system

Designed with just about every photographic combination in mind, the LEE100 Filter System provides unparalleled creative freedom. Innovative features deliver a more intuitive experience, while the wide selection of adaptor rings deliver unparalleled versatility and depth of range for projects of all sizes.

The LEE100 filter holder is packaged with:

  • Three modular filter guide blocks with one, two, and three slots
  • One guide-block removal tool
  • Pouches for the holder and the filter guide blocks

Neutral Density Set

  • Neutral Density
  • 0.6
  • 0.9

The Neutral Density set can be used with all standard film types and contains graduated resin filters enabling photographer to adjust exposure over part of the photograph without affecting the colour balance. Exposure can be controlled by 1, 2 or 3 stops, to suit the individual situation.

For example, when photographing a landscape in which the sky is much brighter than the foreground, placing the neutral density part of the filter onto the sky in the frame will reduce the sky exposure without affecting the foreground.

This enables cloud detail to be kept correctly exposed in the picture, and avoids the “white out” effect caused by exposing for the foreground.

Lee Sky Set

Sky Set

  • Sunset 2
  • Sky Blue 3
  • Coral Stripe

 This set contains Sunset 2, Coral Stripe and Sky Blue 3 graduated filters, which may be used individually or in combinations to enhance sky tones in landscapes, seascapes, and general outdoor photography. The Coral Stripe is ideal for creating a warm glow on the horizon, and can be placed strategically in the frame, creating an effect across a particular object or section of the image. The sunset filter can be used to create or enhance morning and evening skies.

Autumn Tint Set

  • Chocolate 2
  • Tobacco 2
  • Coral 6

This set which consists of Tobacco 2, Coral 6 and Chocolate 2 filters, can be used to create atmospheric autumnal effects. These filters have been designed both as hard graduates and standard filters, a feature that has been achieved by manufacturing the filter with the graduation line 90 mm from the top of the filter. This gives ample room for the photographer to place the coloured portion of the filter either over the whole lens, as a standard, or only half-way over the lens, as a grad.

A green tree in a green field with a clear sky

Sunset Set

  • Sunset Red
  • Sunset Orange
  • Sunset Yellow

The popular three-colour sunset filter is now available as a set of three separate filters – Sunset red Grad, Sunset Orange Grad and Sunset Yellow Grad. This offers the photographer the flexibility and control they need to achieve the result they want, adding warmth and definition to both sky and landscape.

Twilight Set

  • Twilight
  • Mahogany 3
  • Pale Coral Stripe

For a more subtle effect the twilight set contains a paler, thinner version of Lee Filter’s Coral Stripe filter. It is teamed with a Mahogany 3 Grad, which gives an ideal red sky at night effect, and a dark blue twilight filter for capturing the moment when day finally turns to night.

Sunrise Set

  • Mahogany 1
  • Straw 2
  • Straw Stripe

A set of three bright, warm colours for dawn or sunrise photography. The Straw 2 Grad filter is a fairly strong yellow and is a good warm-up filter. Mahogany 1 Grad helps achieve a paler sunrise effect, while placing the Straw Stripe across the horizon adds warmth.

Landscape Set

  • Real Blue 2
  • Sepia 2
  • Straw 3

Designed to compliment the landscape, whether rural, suburban or busy city centre. The set contains Real Blue 2 Grad which gives a deeper hue to blue or grey skies, a Straw 3 Grad, which when inverted adds warmth to the foreground, and a sepia 2 Grad, a deep chocolate colour which enhances rocks, foliage and fallen leaves.

Colour Grad Set

  • Yellow
  • Magenta
  • Cyan

This is a set of three graduated filters – Cyan, Yellow and Magenta – used to create special effects and to colour a chosen section of the image being photographed. By using these filters in varying combinations, red, blue and green effects can also be created. Additionally, effects can be achieved by using the filters in opposition to each other. The cyan, for example, could be on the top of the frame, enhancing the sky, whilst the yellow could be adding colour to the faded grass.

Sky Blue Set

  • Sky Blue 1
  • Sky Blue 2
  • Sky Blue 3

The Sky Blue Set contains Sky Blue 1, 2 and 3 graduated effect filters from the sky blue series, allowing addition of varying degrees of colour to otherwise grey or colourless skies. These filters are ideally suited for use in land and seascapes.

Coral Set

  • Coral 2
  • Coral 4
  • Coral 6

These three pale to mid-tone, coral grads (2,4 and 6) can be used as general warm-up filters, or provide special effects. They can also be used to create slightly orange skies. These filters come from the coral range of products, where, as the number in the series increases, the amount of colour temperature correction increases

Pale Tint Set

  • Pink 1
  • Cyan 1
  • Green 1

This set comprises the number one grade (palest) from the green, pink and cyan filter ranges. It offers the photographer an opportunity to create truly subtle tints in the chosen areas of the frame by positioning the colour through rotation of the filter holder, and by moving the filter up or down.

Pop Set

  • Pop Blue
  • Pop Green
  • Pop Red

This set of graduated filters features three primary colours û red, green and blue û for selective covering over parts of the frame. These filters are ideal for creating special effects, and can be accurately placed by using the rotational feature of the holder system, or by vertical positioning within the filter guides.

Stripe Set

  • Cyan Stripe
  • Pink Stripe
  • Yellow Stripe

The stripe set comprises a set of three filters – yellow, pink and cyan – each with a stripe of colour placed horizontally across the centre of the filter. This enables the colour to be positioned anywhere in the frame, either by rotating the filter holder or by sliding the filter up or down in the holder guides. This set is ideal for creating special effects. The stripe û due to its position on the actual filter û allows itself to be positioned from the lowest point in the frame to the highest.

Mist Set

  • Mist Grad
  • Mist Stripe
  • Mist Clear Spot

This set consists of a Graduated Mist, a Mist Stripe and a Mist Clear Centre Spot. These filters can be used individually or in combinations to create varying densities of mist and fog. The stripe can often be used to cover the foreground of the shot, providing a feeling of depth of fog, while the clear centre allows the viewers eye to be taken straight to the all important subject. The flexibility of positioning offered by the Lee Filter Holder System significantly increases the choice of effects available to the photographer.

Selective Star Set

  • 8pt star segment
  • 6pt star graduated
  • 4pt star spot

This set is made up of a Star Spot filter (4pt), a Star Graduated filter (6pt) and a Star Segment filter (8pt). Using these filters, it is possible to create star effects on highlights in various parts of the frame. The Star Spot has a circular cluster of markings to create stars, while the Star Segment will place highlights in a chosen position of the shot. The Star Graduate makes highlights at one end of the filter, reducing to clear resin at the other. Careful inspection of the filters will allow the photographer to determine where the star effect will appear.

Soft Focus Soft Set

Based on filters originally developed by Lee Filters for use in the film industry, the Soft Set consists of five soft filters that take the image from a subtle, barely noticeable softening to a heavy diffusion.

Made from the highest quality, optically correct polyester-based materials, these lightweight and inexpensive filters are ideal for every type of portraiture and social photography. Mounted in plastic frames for extra protection, these filters slip easily into the photographerÆs filter holder system, to give the outstanding results expected from a Lee Filters Product.

Soft Focus Filters – Single Glass Filter

Designed for the portrait, wedding or studio photographer, the Glass Soft Focus Filter forms part of the extensive range of LEE creative effects filters.

The Glass Soft Focus filter gives a gentle, flattering effect, which is not obviously noticeable unless compared with an unfiltered shot. It has minimal effect on contrast and does not overpower the image. Changes in aperture or focal length will not have an adverse effect.

As well as being used indoors the Filter can be used just as well outdoors by landscape photographers. It can be used to soften foreground objects and can give a pleasing almost 3D effect to the image.

Glass Enhancer

  • 100 x 100mm enhancer
  • Exposure increase 1 stop

The glass enhancer offered by Lee Filters enhances mostly the red and orange elements in the spectrum by accentuating the other colours. Ideal for use in landscapes and some types of architectural photography, it causes many unusual effects with different types of light. Viewing the subject through the filter first, without mounting on the lens, helps to identify which parts of the picture will be affected.

Polarising Filters

These high quality glass filters manage the waveforms of light travelling to the camera from most reflective surfaces.

Glare and reflected light can be altered by rotation of the polarising filter. The effect can be seen through the lens of the reflex cameras as the filter is rotated.

When used outside on sunny days, polarising filters have the effect of saturating colours and deepening blue skies. They can also be used in conjunction with other filters (although the polariser should always be placed in front of polyester filters to ensure it functions correctly).

Polarising filters are available in two types, linear and circular. This is not referring to the physical shape of the filter but to the way the filter changes the light waves thereby achieving the polarising effect.

  • 105mm rotating polariser – circular and linear
  • 100 x 100mm square polariser – circular and linear




The type of polariser required (linear or circular) depends entirely on the type of camera the photographer is using. Modern reflex cameras with autofocus or complex metering systems, if used with a polariser, will only function correctly when a circular polariser is used. Manual focus cameras of all types can normally be used with either a linear or a circular type.

Both linear and circular polarisers are available from Lee Filters in both a rotating 105mm diameter version and a 100x100mm square version.

100mm square polarisers are to be used in the filter holder, the entire holder is then rotated to achieve the correct effect. Recommended for studio use or for when only the polariser and, possibly, standard filters are to be used.

105mm rotating polarisers are attached to the filter system via a special ring that is fitted to the front of the holder. This allows the polariser to be rotated independently of any grads used and is ideal for landscape photography where extra flexibility is required.

LEE100 Stoppers

The Stopper filters are used for extending exposure times, making anything that is moving become blurred or ghost-like. They can be used to blur anything in motion, such as clouds, waterfalls, rivers, the sea — even people or traffic.

When used creatively, they can change the way we look at moving objects and help capture a sense of time passing in your images.

The Stoppers are available in different strengths, each increasing exposure by different amounts and affecting the scene in different ways.


  • Little Stopper – 6 stops of light reduction
  • Big Stopper – 10 stops of light reduction
  • Super Stopper – 15 stops of light reduction