Celebration Streamers & Confetti

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Celebration Streamers & Confetti

Celebration  steamers, confetti and snow – consumables and self contained air launchers for safe indoor and outdoor events.

Creating an exciting atmosphere for:

  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Sports
  • Awards
  • Schools
  • Theatrical events
  • Official openings
  • Baby Reveals
  • Parades
  • NYE

…anywhere that a lasting impression is required

Celebration Hand Cannons

The Celebration hand held cannons are simple fail-safe devices that can be used by almost anyone.  Propelled by compressed air, these units are extremely safe and do not require any special licence to operate.

Available in:

  • 40cm Custom Colour or Prefilled Steamers & Confetti
  • 80cm Custom Colour or Prefilled Steamers & Confetti
  • 42cm & 62cm Champagne Prefilled Streamers & Confetti
Champagne Launcher

Celebration Electric Cannons

The Celebration electric cannons are suitable for local or remote control.  With a selection of pre-filled disposable barrels available, the cannons are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications with the effects firing from 6 to 20 metres into the air.

Available in:

  • 40cm Custom Colour or Prefilled Streamers & Contetti
  • 80cm Custom Colour or Prefilled Streamers & Contetti

Celebration Consumables

Add a dramatic climax to your next presentation with paper and mylar effects.

Manufactured for safe use, these fillers are available in:


  • Flame Proofed
  • Paper or Mylar
  • Confetti or Stramers
  • Single or Mixed Colours
  • Various Shapes
  • Boxed or Loose packaging
A green tree in a green field with a clear sky
Celebration Blaster

Celebration Blaster