Case Studies

Wyllie Wedding

The fairytale wedding for Suzanne Wyllie and Brendon Julian was realised with the professional help and creative flair of Kevin Harris.

Working alongside other agencies, ProDesign coordinated all aspects of the wedding including:

  • Lighting Design
  • Stage Design
  • Draping
  • Audio Design
  • Technical and Logistical Coordination
  • Implementation


Specialist Lighting Consultancy

To create the desired atmosphere for the wedding, ProDesign’s state-of-the-art lighting designs were implemented including over 300 luminaires and over 100,000 watts of additional lighting.


The Wyllie’s Waroona property ‘Rhondorosa’ was transformed into a visual spectacle complete with marquee, staging and stunning lighting techniques.

ProDesign managed all logistical, audiovisual and technical requirements leaving the Wyllie’s free to relax and enjoy the wedding.

It was a unique and memorable experience and is just one example of the Wyllie family successfully entrusting their event into the capable hands of ProDesign.

Services employed in this case study:

Specialist Lighting Consultancy

Event Management & Logistical Support

Banquet CAD Service