Case Studies

Observation City Resort

Observation City Resort (now known as Rendezvous Observation City Hotel)


Observation City Resort in Scarborough wanted to create a more sophisticated and ambient atmosphere to their function and restaurant facilities.

ProDesign Lighting was engaged to conceptualise, design and implement a range of specialist lighting including:

  • Luminaire Specification
  • Dimmer Specification
  • Control Console Specification
  • Communications
  • Power Allocation
  • Load Patching and Distribution
  • Loading and Rigging Infrastructure


    Observation city resort event

    After an initial consultation, ProDesign recommended the resort install specialist lighting into the following facilities:

    • The Ballroom
    • Harbour Suite
    • Coral Room
    • Tasman Room
    • Café Estrada
    • Savannahs
    • Pines Grand Buffet

    In addition to this, Kevin Harris designed and implemented an energy management system including dimmer and control specification within the Harbour Suite and Pre-function areas.


    Through the installation of specialist lighting, ProDesign was able to create the desired effect for Observation City Resort.

    In addition, ProDesign also assessed and monitored the overall energy consumption and provided effective energy management solutions for the resort.

    Services employed in this case study:

    Specialist Lighting Consultancy

    Energy Management Solutions