Case Studies

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Hyatt Regency Perth has used the services of ProDesign Lighting to assess and monitor the hotel’s energy management system on a number of occasions over the last ten years.  This service was offered in conjunction with the conception, design and implementation of theatrical and architectural lighting within the hotel.

Case three - Hyatt regency hotel

The hotel’s function facilities were evaluated to determine the optimum energy use including appraisals of:


  • Lamp Specification
  • Dimmer Specification
  • Control Console Specification
  • Load Patching & Distribution
  • Communications
  • Power Allocation
  • Loading and Rigging Infrastructure

ProDesign implemented specialist lighting to create the ambient and sophisticated atmosphere within the hotel including:


  • The Grand Ballroom
  • Freshwater Bay Room
  • Matilda Bay Room
  • Mosman Bay Room
  • Plaza Ballroom
  • Plaza Pre-function
  • Lift Lobby
  • Café
  • Gershwin’s
  • Conservatory
  • Plain Street Bar
  • Guest Corridors
  • Lobby


ProDesign assessed the overall cost of energy consumption within the hotel in terms of equipment use and associated expenses.

Kevin Harris created effective energy solutions for the hotel’s function and restaurant facilities.

The equipment used by ProDesign enabled efficient energy management to be achieved whilst still maintaining the image of quality and sophistication within the hotel through specialist lighting techniques.

Services employed in this case study:

Specialist Lighting Consultancy

Energy Management Solutions