Case Studies

Danny & Charlotte Hill


When Danny & Charlotte Hill envisaged hosting a private party on the tennis court of their Claremont home, they commissioned ProDesign to bring it to fruition.

Kevin coordinated all event management and logistical support for the function including:

  • Lighting Design
  • Stage Design
  • Set Design
  • Draping
  • Audio Design
  • Technical and Logistical coordination
  • Implementation

The Hills’ plans were intricate, with ongoing long distance communication with the client, logistical difficulties with transferring equipment onsite, over six months of planning, and over five weeks of onsite coordination.

Special features for the event included theming, marquee, underfloor lighting and guest artist George Benson and his entourage performing on the night.

Case four - Danny and Charlotte Hills private party
Charlotte and Danny Hill


ProDesign coordinated the entire event from lighting design and hire of caterers, to air-conditioning and local council approvals.

A custom made atmospheric marquee was constructed on the Hills’ tennis court with an ‘East meets West’ nightclub theme and the effect was magnificent.

Kevin’s personal management and professional approach paid off with over six months of planning resulting in a unique and unforgettable evening.

Even the most complicated of party plans can be brought to life through Kevin’s creative flair and meticulous attention to detail.

Services employed in this case study:

Specialist Lighting Consultancy

Event Management & Logistical Support

Banquet CAD Services