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Burswood Entertainment Complex


Burswood Entertainment Complex used ProDesign Lighting to coordinate lighting design and technical consultancy for the refurbishment of the hotel’s foyer in 2001.

Kevin Harris worked alongside architect Anthony Pettorino and specialist consultants to refurbish the foyer. The desired result needed to alleviate the foyer’s sunlight problem by suspending a series of 20 perforated, reinforced PVC sails to shade the main public areas of the foyer.

A secondary component of the sail concept was to use the sails as a projection surface at nighttime for decorative lighting and logo projection.

The hotel also wanted to create a more sophisticated and stylish feel, as the foyer is the first point of contact for their guests.

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Kevin Harris chose a mixture of colour-changing luminaires, including fixed wash lights and moving head spots. The lights were installed on the foyer’s ground level and on the balconies of the first and sixth levels.

The sail concept also enabled a projection surface for both decorative lighting and logo projection to be used in conjunction with the hotel’s conferences and events.

A sequence of lighting effects was installed, as the logos were projected onto the two largest sails and random colour changes and fading effects made for a visually stunning result.

Kevin created a fresh and unique atmosphere for the hotel whilst also eliminating sunlight problems within the foyer.

Services employed in this case study:

Specialist Lighting Consultancy