Case Studies

Bunbury Entertainment Centre

In 2002, Bunbury Entertainment Centre commenced planning for the full upgrade of their theatrical luminaires within the venue.

As a part of this process, ProDesign was commissioned to evaluate and document the existing system and provide options to:

  1. Maintain the adaptability of the current lighting rig
  2. Increase output efficiency
  3. Decrease the time taken to turn-around events
  4. Decrease energy consumption
  5. Reduce ongoing operational costs

Taking into account the potential colour temperature variation once a fixture is dimmed, acceptable levels of savings can be attained with the implementation of an energy management regime.


      Bunbury Entertainment Centre

      The evaluation concluded:

      Energy Management Implementation at 5%

      • Percentage Saving  –  12.56%

      Uncontrolled Supply at 5% Over Voltage

      • Percentage Lost  –  16.99%

      Worst Case Scenario

      • The Lighting Costs could be 29.55% more than they need to be


      In 2004, the BEC completed their theatrical lighting upgrade with Mr Collin Best, the Technical Manager, making this comment…

      “When it came time to upgrade our theatre lighting, Kevin offered a professional and unique insight into what was best for our venue.  Based on the results of the theatrical energy management evaluation, the new Selecon rig has exceeded all our expectations and I have no hesitation in recommending ProDesign for any future projects.”

      Services employed in this case study:

      Energy Management Solutions