Altair Wired Talkback


Altair Wired Talkback

The Wired Intercom systems are available in up to 20 wired beltpack systems, and can be linked together to create larger systems. Being component based, you can start with a single Master Base Station, Headset and Wired Beltpack, and add additional units as budgets permit.

A basic system without a Master Base Station is also possible.

The Altair wired Series includes…

  • EF-200 Dual Channel Intercom Master Station
  • EF-204 Four Channel Intercom Master Station
  • EM-201 Wired Beltpacks (1 Channel)
  • EM-202 Wired Beltpacks (2 Channel)
  • EM-201FL Wired Beltpack (with Beacon)
  • EM-203 Compact “Tubecom”
  • 5P3-202 Splitter Combiner
  • ES-200 Dual Channel Desk Station
  • ES-201 Single Channel Wall / Desk Station
  • 4W2-200 Universal 4W/2W Interface
  • EB-200 Bluetooth Station
  • FL-200 Accessory Buzzer & Beacon
  • PS-200 Intercom Power Supply

Headset Options include…

  • AM-100/2 Single Muff Headset
  • AM-100 Double Muff Headset
  • AM-100/2S Single Muff Headset w/Rotating Boom
  • AM-100S Double Muff Headset w/Rotating Boom
  • AM-100/2SEC Lightweight in-ear Headset w/Electret Mic
  • AM-100/2L Single Muff Lightweight Headset
  • AM-100/2BT Single Ear Bluetooth Headset

EF-204 Powered Base Station

ALTAIR EF-204 base station is an all-in-one solution for those professionals requiring both ease of use, versatility and multiple channel operation capability. The power supply in this master station will power every device connected to the intercom network (up to 60 single channel beltpacks or 20 desk stations). 

The four channels are provided with independent “TALK”, “LISTEN”, and “CALL” buttons. These channels can be linked using the front panel buttons. 

This front panel includes a built-in high efficiency speaker and a connector for a removable gooseneck microphone (provided with the unit). When necessary, a headset can be used instead of the microphone. 

The unit can work as a main station to control and power all the devices in the intercom network, or as a remote desk station in complex multichannel installations. 

Thanks to a built-in digital processor, some features of all ALTAIR wired intercom devices can be remotely controlled from a base station. This way, the user at the master station can execute different actions which will affect every device connected to the intercom lines. These remote actions include “MIC KILL”, “BUZZ KILL” and PTT/latch microphone switching. 

EF-204 station incorporates a program input (MIC/line) with level attenuator, assignable to any of the four channels, and a MIC output to address messages to the P.A. from the microphone or from a headset. 

Also, relay contacts are included, being these associated to the “PA” button in order to help the installer automate multiple actions (“tally” lights, speaker switching, cue lights, etc.) 

A section of four “key buttons” allows the user to store different presets for fast recall. The parameters that can be stored in these presets include all possible “TALK”, “LISTEN” and “CALL” buttons states. 



  • Power requirements: 90 to 264 VAC / 50-60 Hz/ 50vA
  • Output: 24vDC, 2.5A
  • Impedance: 220 Ohm Nominal, 3P XLR, 2,000m Max Length
  • Connections: Intercom, XLR-3PM & 3PF (Channels ABCD); 2 x RJ45 (ABCD); PRG In; PA Out; Mini Jack Audio Link; 2 x GPI & GPO; USB; Headset 4P XLR; Panel Mic XLR
  • Dimensions 19″ RU x 250mm / 4 Kg

The wired connection is compatible with Production Intercom, Clear-Com and similar compatible 2 and 4 wire systems