Altair IPCom Network Talkback

IPCom Beltpack

Altair IPCom Network Talkback

Altair’s new IPCom system offers comprehensive communication solutions for Broadcast, Theatres, Multistage Festivals, Industrial or Civil Control Rooms…and more.

The Altair IPCom Series includes…

  • IPF-316 IP Based Matrix Type Switch, Speaker, Mic
  • IPB-306 6 Channel Beltpack, Speaker, Mic & Bluetooth
  • IPX-301 Partyline Interface

All system settings are easily modified and adjusted using the comprehensive Nebula control software, a powerful and user-friendly tool to maximise and optimise the functionality of the IPCom network and each of it’s elements.


Headset Options include…

  • AM-100/2 Single Muff Headset
  • AM-100 Double Muff Headset
  • AM-100/2S Single Muff Headset w/Rotating Boom
  • AM-100S Double Muff Headset w/Rotating Boom
IPF-316 IPCom Features:
  • No need for a physical matrix
  • Up to 32 Channels accessable from one user panel (16 Keys, 2 Pages)
  • Up to 128 Users and 128 Groups
  • Expandable system; compatible with standard IP LAN networks
  • Affordable cabling (CAT5/6)
  • “Plug & Play”; beltpacks come pre-configured and ready to run in a basic 2 Channel partyline mode
  • Intuitive and easy to use Nebula configuration software
  • PoE user beltpacks come with two keys/encoders, allowing the operation of up to 6 intercom channels, plus private calls, cue light reciever, speaker & mic for Desktop use
  • Bluetooth, text message reception
  • “Distributed Intelligence” concept; each beltpack or station acts as a system back-up of the complete network configuration
  • New ergonomic and lightweight beltpack housing design
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IPCom Schematic